Creating a Healthier Future through Prevention of Child Maltreatment

Excellent panel presentation on effects of and strategies to prevent child maltreatment. Experts describe harms including a long list of psychological, cognitive and physical health issues, brain development and epigenetic consequences, fatalities, legal, government and social costs of abuse and neglect. The lifetime economic burden in the US is estimated between a conservative figure of $121 billion (2008) and an estimated half a trillion dollars, per year. They discuss what can be done for prevention with public health and policy approaches, including eliminating risk factors, and resource allocation from cost-benefit analyses. Evidence-based prevention programs include home visitations by nurses, maternity ward education, and the Positive Parenting Program (PPP) which all promote safe, supportive, nurturing relationships (SSNRs).

Talks are followed by a Q&A. The presentations are also available on a PDF.

If you are a parent interested in self-help skills development, check out PPP’s practical step-by-step resources for parents.