It Gets Better: Dan and Terry

Renowned columnist Dan Savage launched the It Gets Better suicide prevention project for LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited, questioning, queer, intersex) youth bullied in high school and intolerant communities. It’s hard to feel isolated in a cliquish social setting with bigots and bullies, but once you leave you can find acceptance in new communities, meet friends and lovers, and live a great life. Dan and his partner Terry started the video series with their own stories of being bullied (“things got better the day I left high school”), and invite others to upload their own to YouTube. The It Gets Better Project now has dozens of inspiring videos about how people left behind the bigots, and are glad they didn’t give in to suicidal despair.

(Struggling with suicidal thoughts? Help is available through the Trevor Project hotline at 866-4-U-TREVOR, Laura’s Playground online hotline for transgendered people, and 24/7 crisis lines worldwide.)