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Archives for March, 2010


Nature Walk Videos

[Image by Native Night Productions.]
Peaceful Walks

A series of gorgeous, high quality videos featuring nature scenery from around North America. The concept, born out of research showing that contact with and imagery of nature reduces stress, is to provide nature videos (“walks”) that are easily accessible on your computer when you’re unable to go on a physical walk through the wilderness. Available in free streaming previews (with watermarks) or higher...
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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

[Image by B*2.]
Catching Up on Sleep

From the Waking Up To Sleep 2007 conference, a renowned sleep expert discusses how much sleep is optimal. He presents correlative population studies on mortality rates and performance measures in a 15 minute talk, followed by another quarter hour of very good Q&A. See also: Sleeping Pills: More Harm Than Good, another compelling talk by Dr....
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