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Archives for February, 2010


Understanding the Brain by Reverse Engineering

[Image by dreamglow.]
Blue Brain: Year One

The Blue Brain Project is an ambitious effort to model a brain, neuron by neuron, in order to understand its systems and functions in new ways and to build the facility to model brains across species. "I believe we will understand the brain before we finish building it," says the project's director, Henry Markram. First video release of a ten year documentary series by director Noah...
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How Neuroscience May Affect Law

[Image by bloomsberries.]
Neuroscience, Law and Government Symposium

Keynote speaker Hank Greely gives a basic talk about neuroscience and the law for an audience of lawyers/law students. Topics include predicting (behaviour and illnesses), mind reading and lie detection, responsibility and consciousness, treatment, and cognitive enhancement. Q&A follows. Greely blogged about it as well; sounds like it was a great symposium and it’s a pity the other videos aren’t online...
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