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Archives for October, 2009


Wakeful Orcas

[Image by BarnyardBBS.]

Postpartum Sleep in Whales and Dolphins

A random brief video: wakefulness in newborn cetaceans and mothers, accompanying a Brief Communication published in Nature, 2005 (PDF). "…unilateral or bilateral eye closure was almost never (for less than of 24 h) observed in dolphin mothers during the first 2 months postpartum." 24 hr video surveillance confirmed human observations of the mothers keeping a near-continuous eye on offspring....
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Women Vets

[Image from BL1961]

Women Who Served in Our Military: For Veterans and Families
Jane Pauley hosts a documentary about the experiences of American women veterans, and their mental health. Close captioned. PDF transcript. There's also a 01:10:00 version for service providers, here. For more info, email or call the PTSD Information Line at (802)...
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