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Archives for September, 2009


Tourette’s Syndrome Pride

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Paul Devore - Self-Esteem

A person who has Tourette's Syndrome (a neurological syndrome involving involuntary tics) talks about how it has affected his life and ways that he hasn't let it affect his life. He shares tools to shore up self-esteem, and says, "I think a large part of my success is actually linked to my having Tourette Syndrome." A speaker with a very positive attitude with messages that can...
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Optimistic Videos

[Image of Bonnie Prudden record by kevindooley, not from the videos.]

Series of ultra brief (most under a minute) interview snippets about positive psychology and the self-help tools available at Subjects include optimism, gratitude, resilience, positivity, and enhancing mental health. Free reg req'd to...
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