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Archives for July, 2009



[Image by elisfanclub.]
Stigma is the silence after the thunder

Dr. Austin Mardon, a geographer and member of the Order of Canada, on stigma he's experienced as a person who has schizophrenia. Discrimination from professional and personal sources, including family. His stories aren't about the level of support Kay Redfield Jamison described in yesterday's video about coming out, but he has had success too, and...
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Coming Out as Mad

Writing About Madness: Life After Public Disclosure of Mental Illness

Another great talk by Kay Redfield Jamison, bipolar expert and author. Here she describes reactions and support she experienced after publishing An Unquiet Mind, coming out as a person with a bipolar disorder. The talk has a focus on education, describing challenges for herself and other people with neurocognitive impairment from bipolar. There is some audience Q&A. A podcast...
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Encephalon 73 with Videos

Welcome to 73rd edition of the Encephalon brain blog carnival. Unlike when I hosted the videotastic 47th edition, there were no video submissions this time. Instead, I've linked to relevant video extras for each text contribution.

The Neurocritic shares two epic, provocative posts.

Is CBT Worthless? "A meta-analysis of published studies on cognitive behavioral therapy concluded that this method of psychotherapy is not helpful for those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and any improvements seen in major depression are rather small. Articles to rebut this...
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