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Archives for June, 2009


Ethical Alcoholism Treatment

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Conference on Alternative Strategies for Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment strategies and ethical challenges, with video archives in three parts. Part one features David Musto on temperance history, and starting at 00:40:15 Charles O'Brien details modern pharmacological treatments. Part two has Kathleen Carroll in an animated talk about trials of behavioural therapies and combined approaches, then at 00:57:35 Arthur Caplan speaks about ethical issues around why drug treatment for alcoholism...
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Twitter vs. the Baroness

The Baroness, Consciousness, and the Twitterverse: A Conversation with Susan Greenfield

Greenfield recommends pub debates or rants on street corners instead of using social media. Quote: "How sad that a species that previously wrote novels and expressed themselves in thousand word letters, are now having to encapsulate important or interesting ideas in 150 characters, and that's the first issue. And if you are used to doing that, are you going to start living your...
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Celebrity Recovery

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McLean Honors Lee and Bob Woodruff

Lee Woodruff, author and contributing editor at Good Morning America, speaks about her experience with depression and anxiety after her husband Bob Woodruff acquired a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Iraq. The couple received a McLean Award for "…exceptional courage facing psychological challenges after a traumatic brain injury, for their efforts to further public understanding of brain illness, and for fighting to...
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Television channel A&E's new series on obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is engrossing. I watched three episodes and was impressed by how close they got to people who normally hide their symptoms; both the sensitivity of the producers and bravery of the subjects. But while it does shine as the best of TV in some ways, it also carries its worst tendencies. Disorders that have tormented people for decades are...
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Young Brains

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Adolescent Brain Development

A forensic examiner talks about decision making and developing brains in youth, for an audience of youth advocates. See also: Brain Science as a Means of Understanding Delinquency and Substance Abuse in Youth,  The Teen Brain, and Teen Brain, an award-winning documentary on neuroethics and the juvenile justice...
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More Than Sad

More Than Sad: Teen Depression

Depression and suicidal behavior in youth. Nicely produced video with great messages, and I also appreciated that online, the stories are in separate players on the same page so I could watch four at once (though I don't recommend you try that at home). Schools and families, order a DVD with resource materials ($50). Online, check out AFSP and 1-800-273-TALK for help with suicide and...
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