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Archives for February, 2009


Depression Damages

title Structural and functional brain changes in patients with never treated mood disorders
description Neuropsychological studies of people with depression or bipolar, and impairments in youth that may impact development. Cognitive impairments with memory, verbal abilities, and more were found in established illness and in states of remission, and in at risk youth who were asymptomatic or never been affected but...
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Practical and Cute

title Paro Interaction at Nursing Home
description Series of brief videos featuring Paro the Mental Commit Robot, an early robotic seal companion to patients with Alzheimer's. Paro is modelled after baby harp seals, the type clubbed to death on Canadian ice floes each year to the dismay of many people.
producer various
featuring Paro
format wmv
date 2002-2005
length average 00:01:00
direct video link...
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Go Carts Go


title Carts of Darkness
description Documentary about homeless bottle collectors (binners) who race shopping carts down mountains. Issues involving fetal alcohol syndrome, addictions, and other psychosocial and legal matters.
producer Murray Siple, National...
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