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Video of the Year 2008

2008 was another year of huge growth in online video of all kinds. User-generated, institutional, events coverage, films, pubcasts and supplements, and anti-TV as well as some broadcast television (remember it?). It gets harder to keep up with and sort through the volume but with this narrow a niche, Channel N is doing fine. Here's what I really liked in 2008.

Funny - The
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Face Perception

title fMRI Investigations of Human Extrastriate Cortex: People, Places, and Things
description A basic lecture for the general public about visual perception and facial recognition, from the star-studded Columbia C250 Symposium. Indexed video with slides, and a PDF transcript.
producer Columbia University
featuring Nancy Kanwisher
format RealMedia
date 13/05/04
length 00:47:20
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How To Make a Neuron Grow

title Single Cell Electroporation in vivo within the Intact Developing Brain
description How to perform single cell electroporation, using a micropipette to introduce DNA into a single neuron in tadpole brains. A UBC student, Sesath Hewapathirane (in the Kurt Haas lab) received two UBC Faculty of Medicine Graduate Research Awards for 2008-2009 (congratulations) and did a great job with this pubcast video...
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