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Archives for November, 2008


Daughter of a Publisher’s Devil

title From the engine of reason to the seat of the soul: A brain-wise conversation
description Roger Bingham interviews "the first couple in philosophy" who specialize in neurophilosophy and neuroethics at the University of California, San Diego. Here they discuss their Canadian heritage (she grew up on a pioneer farm with sod huts and orchards, later her father went into publishing...
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Complex Vision

[Image by focusforward.]

title Vision and the Brain: Unseen Complexities
description Visual perception, in part 1, and part 2. From the Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lectures series (subscribe to RSS vodcast, or audio podcast).
producer University of Washington, via Research Channel
featuring Scott Murray, Melvyn A. Goodale, Steve Buck
format mpeg4, wmv, mov, mp3
date 03/07/07
length 00:51:42 and 00:57:57
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Liking Colour

title Aesthetic Science: Understanding Preferences for Color and Spatial Composition
description Visual aesthetics, phenomenological perception, and web site design. Composition and colour preferences, what's visually appealing and to which personality types. Cognitive...
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