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Archives for September, 2008


Learning from Suicide

[Image: The Suicide by Edouard Manet.]

title Suicidal Individuals: Evaluation, Therapies, and Ethics – Part 2
description Human subjects and ethics in research, and the problem of high risk suicidal people being excluded from studies (eg. drug trials). From the great Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture series, vodcast on the Research Channel.
producer University of Washington
featuring Marsha Linehan
format wmv, mpeg4, Quicktime
date 28/02/07
length 00:57:37
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What’s New in Neuroinformatics

[Image: distinct astrocyte domains revealed in an image from the freely available selection in the Cell Centered Database.]

title Integrating Neuroscience Knowledge: Brain Research in the Digital Age
description Fresh! This video is just a week old, a keynote address from the 1st INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics: Databasing and Modeling the Brain. Ellisman paints a picture of his work developing a neuroinformatics infrastructure (cyberinfrastructure) at the National Center...
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The Science of Educating

title Brains R Us: The Science of Educating
description A star-studded all-day town hall forum on the neuroscience and psychology of education and learning. Brains R Us is a well-produced and packaged webcast by The Science Network (TSN), headed by the very distinguished Roger Bingham. It's an excellent science site, with other equally polished productions to explore.
producer The Science Network and Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, and...
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Alzheimer’s PI Profile

title RLE Investigator Profile: Collin M. Stultz
description A video profile accompanying recent news from MIT on Alzheimer's research. From the press release (not this video): "'We generated lots and lots of structures for both normal tau and a mutant form' associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer's,' Stultz said. By comparing the two sets, the researchers found one structure that was more common in the mutant form --...
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