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Archives for June, 2008



[Image: autism awareness puzzle ring from Autism Link.]

title High-Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome: Diagnosis, Current Research, and Treatment Options
description Expert clinicians and researchers clarify the differences between HFA, Asperger's and other types of autism, as well as how to support children and adults to achieve an optimal successful life. Presented for the layperson but still quite in-depth and technical.
producer University of California Institute
featuring John Brown, ,...
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Mental Imagery

[Image: Cover of The Case for Mental Imagery by Stephen Kosslyn with co-authors William Thompson and Giorgio Ganis. One of many cool books he's written, including the must-read Clear and To The Point on psychological design of PowerPoint presentations.]

title What Shape are a German Shepherd's Ears?
description Mental imagery and visualizing, preconceptions and perceptions, social cognition, how mental imagery affects your body and visual simulations that manipulate it.
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Drosophila Operant Learning

title Operant learning of Drosophila at the torque meter
description A new pubcast at the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), Issue 16, explaining procedures used for experiments in operant conditioning and Drosophila (fruit flies). Indexed into eight sections, with accompanying text in HTML and PDF. doi:
producer Bjoern Brembs, Department of Neurobiology, Free University of Berlin and JoVE
featuring Dr. Bjoern Brembs
format Flash (in JoVE Video Player )
date 16/06/08
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Encephalon 47

For this videotastic edition of Encephalon, the brain science blog carnival, I did a little outreach to a video maker. Neuroethologist Bjoern Brembs of is adept at science , contributing to SciVee, and soon publishing in the cutting edge Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) with a pubcast on spontaneous behaviour in drosophila that elaborates on his well-known publications. Here's a fresh animation depicting the Drosophila Flight Simulator (00:04:08).

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Neurobiology of Autism

title The Reshaping of the Neurobiology of Autism
description In the keynote address from the 2007 Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, neurologist Nancy Minshew discusses how and why autism is a multisystems disorder, how it's diagnosed, and functioning. She rambles a bit (admittedly sleep deprived) but it's a very good talk that includes some funny moments and practical advice for caregivers. (She runs a Center for Excellence in autism,...
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