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Archives for March, 2008



[Image: Looking in the Distance: Is Morality Instinctual?]

title Science Saturday: Morality and Religion
description A "diavlog" (split-screen cam interview) about morality between vivacious Yale psychology prof Paul Bloom and the charming Joshua Knobe, an assistant prof at UNC Chapel Hill and contributor to the blog Experimental Philosophy. Delves into cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, child development, disgust, dualism, neuroethics, and related issues.
featuring Paul Bloom , Joshua...
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Psychogeriatric Neuroimaging

title Neuroimaging in Old Age Psychiatry
description This is really something. A one-paragraph transcript caption linked to 30 seconds of on demand video, synched with PowerPoint and subtitle links in the sidebar in an enhanced learning portal for a day-long workshop (quizzes at the end). Seamless clicking from slide to slide/video to video between different parts of a talk and even different talks. (Sadly, the text is not searchable,...
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DBS Neurosurgery

[Image: portrait of Mark Niessner, who has a fun and lively patient diary about his DBS experience, including some videos. Not involved with the vodcast below.]

title i on NIH Vodcast Episode #0006
description A US government vodcast complete with transcript, though it's not indexed. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) co-worker developed Parkinson's Disorder, and is featured in a third segment interview. "Host Joe Balintfy: Often promoting...
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Future Antipsychotic Drugs

[Image: Glutamate transporters in a glial cell, photo by Michel Baudry, not from this video.]

title Glutamatergic Agents for Schizophrenia: Looking Beyond Dopamine
description A good speaker, with a detailed look at the newest directions in neuropsychopharmacological research to treat schizophrenia and psychosis. Glutamate, dopamine, NMDA receptors, folate, lessons from clozapine, and more. It's the Philip May MD Memorial Lecture; in 2007/8 given by the eminent Donald...
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Neuroscience for Kids in Motion

Image: from Neuroscience for Kids. I put together a puzzle to get the larger image, an ecard, from a thumbnail. Check out more puzzles and ecards, many created for this Brain Awareness Week.

title BrainWorks
description "With the help of five kids, host Eric Chudler [of the awesome, award-winning Neuroscience for Kids web site] takes viewers on a journey inside of the brain. The show begins in the...
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Neuroethical Decisions

title Decisions, Responsibility and the Brain
description 12th annual lecture, for a general audience, features a MacArthur prize-winning neurophilosopher on new questions of ethics, law and free will that accompany neuroscientific discoveries (especially concerning impulse control). "Understanding how the brain works is essential to understanding the mind," says Churchland. "Questions concerning what free choice really amounts to have long been at the center of philosophical reflection. New discoveries, especially...
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title Allman Lecture on Intuition
description Intuition, and Von Economo spindle neurons, in a long talk from the Brain, Mind and Consciousness series.
producer Skeptic's Society
featuring John Allman
format Flash
date 03/10/07
length 02:42:08

Via Man Without...
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