title Divided Minds: Twin Sisters’ Journey Through Schizophrenia
description Twin sisters, one whose life became a battle with schizophrenia and the other became a psychiatrist, in a half hour show in two segments. They speak about their experiences, treatment, side effects of medications, research and stigma. Tearful. Online there’s a complete transcript, and offline the sisters co-authored a book.
producer UVA Newsmakers
featuring Carolyn Spiro, MD and Pamela Spiro Wagner, Poet
format Real Video
date 22/03/06
length 00:28:26
link http://www.virginia.edu/uvanewsmakers/archive14.html
direct video link http://www.virginia.edu/uvanewsmakers/video/spiro.ram
transcript link http://www.virginia.edu/uvanewsmakers/newsmakers/spiro.html