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Archives for February, 2008


Drug Harm Scale


title Britain's Most Dangerous Drug
description London's Dana Centre Science Cafe hosted a webcast discussion after a BBC Horizon screening of Is alcohol worse than ecstacy? Psychopharmacologist David Nutt was lead author on a controversial study in The Lancet* comparing the harms of substances of abuse. He and psychologist Theodora Duka join facilitator Hugh Whittall to...
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Divided Minds

title Divided Minds: Twin Sisters' Journey Through Schizophrenia
description Twin sisters, one whose life became a battle with schizophrenia and the other became a psychiatrist, in a half hour show in two segments. They speak about their experiences, treatment, side effects of medications, research and stigma. Tearful. Online there's a complete transcript, and offline the sisters co-authored a book.
producer UVA Newsmakers
featuring Carolyn Spiro, MD and...
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Proust and the Squid

title The Reading Brain
description The neuroscientist describes her book Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain, on cognitive science and reading. Not to be confused with Jonah Lehrer's Proust was a Neuroscientist, another paper book involving literature and neuroscience.
producer The Chet Curtis Report at
featuring Dr. Maryanne Wolf
format Flash streaming in custom player
date 09/10/07
length 00:06:14
hardcover book link Proust...
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Neural Synchrony

title Neural Synchrony and Selective Attention
description Robert Desimone is Director of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, is part of the new MacArthur Law and Neuroscience Project, and has a slew of other achievements and awards. In this detailed talk, he discusses neural synchrony in the visual cortex and selective attention. Close captioned. Blurry slides (see above). Concise.
producer National Institute for...
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Drinking and Smoking Combined

title Neurobiological Changes as a Result of Chronic Alcohol Consumption and Chronic Smoking
description The relationship between chronic tobacco smoking and alcoholism, and their increased effect on cognition and neurobiology when combined. Slides available on PDF. This talk is from the colloquium Changing Behaviour, Changing Lives: Alcohol and Co-Occurring Conditions; the entire event is available on DVD.
producer BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network
featuring Dieter J. Meyerhoff,
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Aneurysm Neurosurgery

[Image: Internet Encyclopedia of Science]

title Brain Aneurysms
description "Brain aneurysms are challenging to treat, especially since a patient may have no symptoms until the aneurysm ruptures and becomes a life-threatening condition. This edition of Inside Access follows three doctors and their patients, Roxie and Cora, at the UW Medicine Brain Aneurysm Center at Harborview. Cora receives endovascular treatment, while Roxie's surgery includes a technique of bypassing the brain's...
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Women and Depression

title Women and Depression
description Four speakers in two hours, this is a video for a rainy afternoon, but worth watching. (Links to the individual talks if you prefer to break it down: Postpartum Depression in Pediatric Practices: Opportunity and Challenges, The Menopausal Transition, Sex Steroids and Depression, Cultural Issues Related to Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression for Women, and...
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title Brainspotting
description Classic great production about consciousness, cognition, AI, evolution, neurobiology and more.
producer Channel 4
featuring Ken Campbell, Richard Dawkins, Susan Greenfield, Galen Strawson, others
format flv
date 1996
length (part one) 00:09:59
links to all...
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