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Archives for December, 2007


Bipolar Mashups

title Co-Occurrence of Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ICDs, and Treatment Implications
description Bipolar co-occuring with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), impulse control disorders (ICD) like intermittent explosive disorder (IED), addictions, binge eating, bulimia nervosa, gambling, and borderline personality disorder (BPD). The focus is on various relevant drug treatments and trials (but little else). From the Seventh International Conference on Bipolar Disorder.
producer University of Pittsburgh Medical...
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Explaining Memory

[Comic by Doonesbury]

title Neurobiology of Memory: How Do We Acquire, Consolidate and Recall Memory
description "In labs around the world, mice learn to navigate complex mazes, locate chocolaty rewards, and after an interval, run the mazes again with maximum efficiency, swiftly collecting all the sweets. But in Susumu Tonegawa’s lab, the mutant mice he has created cannot perform these tasks. Tonegawa 'knocks out' a gene that impairs a specific...
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Geriatric Psychiatry

[Image by j4yx0r]

title Depression, Delirium & Dementia: What Should We Be Doing?
description On mental health in the elderly, and geriatric psychiatry. This lecture is directed to a general audience, but is fairly detailed. Of obvious importance in an aging population. "…covers such topics as: knowledge of resources; treatments; the benefits of early diagnosis and interventions for depression; and post-operative delirium in the hospital. Dr. Sommer also advises about assessment of capacity,...
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Basics of Schizophrenia

title The Real Story of Schizophrenia
description Brief video explaining current theories of the disorder, along with people who have schizophrenia describing their experiences. Low-quality video dub.
producer British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
featuring various
format Flash
date 30/04/07
length 00:04:46
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Sleep Disorders

[Image: top row shows brain activity during a math task with adequate sleep, while the bottom row shows the same task performed under sleep deprivation. Via Prof. J. Christian Gillin, in NeuroReport 1999. Read more.]

title Health Matters: Sleep Disorders
description "Sleep disorders are a major public health concern affecting millions of individuals, families, and communities on a daily basis. We are a chronically overtired country, which often...
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