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Archives for September, 2007


People Famous on the Internet, on the Internet

title Therapy Goes Digital: Is the Internet good for your head?
description "All In The Mind is Radio National's weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour - everything from addiction to artificial intelligence." Award-winning, fab programme by Natasha Mitchell. This episode is on web-based therapies, and disorders related to Internet use. Includes a thought-provoking interview with Vaughan Bell of Mind Hacks on the contentious...
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Neurology and Art

title Neurology and the Passion for Art
description "Why is it that great works of art seem to have a universal appeal, transcending cultural and geographic boundaries? Ramachandran, director of UCSD's Center for Brain and Cognition has studied how the brain perceives works of art and thinks he may know the answer to this intriguing question." An early neuroaesthetics lecture. UCTV show ID 5224.
producer UCSD-TV, University of California
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title Hyperlexia Demonstration and the Pathology of a Skill
description Hyperlexia, or precocious reading ability, is sometimes found in children with autistic spectrum disorders. This video highlights it as a super skill that's part of...
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Social Communication in Autism

title Neurobiological Basis of Social Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders
description Lecture on social cognition and neurobiology in autism. UCLA's Psychiatry Grand Rounds series on clinical neurosciences, human behavior, and mental health care has been webcasting weekly since 1996. Catch lectures live on Tuesdays mornings or view videos from the formidable archives. They now do an audio podcast summary edition, too: click to subscribe...
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Safe Scanning

title MRI Safety: The Invisible Force
description Vintage industrial video on MRI magnet and cryogen safety. "Another safety video. No big name stars, no millionaires, no far-flung romantic locations. But if you want reality TV, take a look...
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