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Archives for July, 2007



[Paris Hilton, photo by Daniel C. Dennett]

title The Cognitive Niche
description Via Pinkerfest! at Jaime Diskin's blog. The extensive Freethought Media Steve Pinker multimedia archive includes this lecture on the Cognitive Niche from the Second World Conference on the Future of Science: Evolution (video archives).
producer Edge
featuring Steve Pinker
format wmv
date 23/09/06
length 00:33:37
direct video link
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title What is an Auditory Object?
description "Dr. Griffiths' group works on the analysis of sound by the brain and the way in which this can go wrong in brain disorder. They measure the detection of sound patterns relevant to the understanding of speech, music and environmental sounds. The brain mechanisms that underpin such analysis are investigated by studying the effect of disorders such...
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Vintage Brain Movies

title Sagittal MRI Movie
description From 1994, a vintage MRI animation with a sagittal view. Play or scroll back and forth. Index for it and nine other clips here.
producer Michigan State University and the National Science Foundation
featuring Keith
format Quicktime
date 1994
length approx 00:00:30
link ~brains//brains/human/
direct video link ~brains//brains/human/

Produced by Michigan State University with the support of the Division of Integrative Biology and Neuroscience at...
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title Understanding Language
description An episode of Grey Matters. "Language is inarguably the hallmark of humanity. The countless and constant ways in which humans use language are astounding. Scientists debate whether the ability to communicate with high degrees of complexity is the predecessor or the consequence of the thinking ability that distinguishes the human species from other animals. In this lesson, Professor Jeffrey Elman explains what aspects...
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Researching Alzheimer’s

[Image by Ann Gordon.]
title Speaking of Science: Alzheimer's: When Will We Find a Cure?
description Moderated panel discussing the latest advances in Alzheimer's research (in 2007).
producer The Dana Foundation for the Brain
featuring Marilyn Albert, Allan I. Levey, Richard Mayeux, Guy McKhann, William Safire
format Flash
date 12/06/07
length approx 01:18:00
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[Image by mousyboywithglasses, not from video.]

title Now Epileptic
description Personal reflections on epilepsy in an art video: "Epilepsy is something that's been a part of my life for the better part of a decade and this is one of the first tracks that kinda describes the feeling, even though not much of this guy's family background applies directly to me. I'm not looking for a "awwww" or anything like that....
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