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Archives for May, 2007


Does Pot Cause Psychosis?

title Cannabis and Psychosis: Is There a Causal Link?
description Keynote address from the Simon Fraser University's Cannabis, Mental Health and Addiction: What is Evidence Based Policy? Includes slides.
producer Simon Fraser University
featuring Prof. David Fergussen
format Quicktime
date 23/02/06
length approx one hour
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A Great Canadian

title Great Canadian Psychology Researcher -- Endel Tulving
description From the Great Canadian Psychology Researcher series from U of Alta comes this bio of U of T cognitive scientist Endel Tulving. Tulving wrote The FACT, referring to ‘The First Axiom of Consciousness and Thought’ – ‘If a thing is not alive, it cannot be conscious, nor can it think.’ Read more, including criticism (sorta).
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On Suicide

title An interview with Kay Redfield Jamison
description Kay Redfield Jamison on suicide, art, science, herself, bipolar disorder and mental health; 1999 interview by Charlie Rose after publication of Night Falls Fast.
producer Charlie Rose
featuring Kay Redfield Jamison
format Google Video
date 10/26/1999
length 00:17:33
link ...
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