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Archives for March, 2007


Psychiatric Advance Directives

title More Details of Psychiatric Advance Directives: How to be Your Own Advocate
description How to create a psychiatric advance directive (PAD) with American medico-legal instructions for treatment in the event of an episode of serious mental illness with compromised thinking and/or psychosis with anosognosia. Discusses in plain language the contents and elements of a PAD with tips for creating one.
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Addiction Neurobiology

[Image by mourner.]

title Open Mind Series: On Addiction
description The Picower Institute at MIT hosted the Open Mind Series: On Depression, and On Addiction. Includes talk on the neurobiology of changes that occur with addiction, related to obesity and other addictive behaviours. Potential new therapeutic targets and barriers to research. A different view than AA's.
producer The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
featuring Nora Volkow at 51:30
format RealMedia
date 08/05//06
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Video Vision

title Eyesight Chip
description "A new eye implant that transmits images to the brain [from a camera] is one step closer to reality [and entering clinical trials]. The device has already restored partial sight to patients with total vision loss. This ScienCentral News video has more." Find out more about this and other retinal prosthetics in a Neurofuture post.
producer Steven Boling &...
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DNA Dilemma

title Huntington's Disease - Reporter's Notebook
description New York Times video and accompanying multimedia on getting tested for Huntington's Disease (an incurable hereditary neurological disorder) in Facing Life with an Incurable Gene.
producer New York Times
featuring Amy Harmon
format embedded
date 18/03/07
length 00:02:49
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Robotic Rehab

title Robotic technology gives hope
description "Physicians and physical therapists at UT Southwestern are using a robot to teach the spinal cord and brain, with sensory information, to signal the body to step again." More.
producer The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
featuring Lokomat, patient Chuck Benefield, Drs. Keith Tansey and Patricia Winchester...
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Nobel for Smell

title Unraveling the Sense of Smell
description Nobel Lecture by Linda Buck, winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for "discoveries of odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system. In a series of pioneering studies the laureates have clarified in molecular detail how our sense of smell works."
producer Nobel Media AB
featuring Linda B....
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