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Archives for January, 2007


Demons of the Mind

title Demons of the Mind: Neuroscience and Other Weapons
description Depression, bipolar and unipolar. Perspectives from a number of scientists. " The Office of Scholarly Programs, in conjunction with the Dana Foundation, Heinz Family Philanthropies and the National Institute of Mental Health, sponsored a two-day conference, "Demons of the Mind: 21st Century Science vs. Depression," bringing together top neuroscientists and mental health experts to discuss...
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The Potential of Potentials

title Brain Computer Interface Systems: Progress and Opportunities
description "A brain computer interface (BCI) allows users to communicate without movement. BCIs infer user intent through direct measures of brain activity, usually via EEGs. BCIs are the only means of communication possible for some severely disabled users and are becoming increasingly useful to healthy subjects. The talk will present: 1) EEG and other brain imaging technologies,...
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Neuroplasticity and Bipolar Disorder

title Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder: Neuroplasticity and Cellular Resilience
description UCLA Neuropsychiatry Institute Grand Rounds Lecture and CME on neuroplasticity and neurobiology in bipolar disorder. Q&A is on a separate video. An online CME credit course as well.
producer UCLA NPI
featuring Husseini K. Manji, , FRCPC
format RealMedia
date 11/02/03
length 00:58:15
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title Mindball
description Neurofeedback tabletop ball game. "Mindball® is an exciting and audience friendly game where the audience can follow the game both by watching the ball on the table and the diagram on the monitor as well as watching the more or less relaxed faces of the players." [Staring at blank faces sounds very exciting.]
producer Interaktive Productline
featuring a small...
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