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Archives for August, 2006


Brain functions and obesity

title Obesity Challenges and Solutions 3: Neurobiology of Energy Regulation
description E-health lecture on neural factors in obesity, part of the Canadian Obesity Network conference archive.
producer University Health Network, presented by the Centre for Global e-Health Innovation
featuring Patricia Brubaker
format embedded Quicktime, RealVideo, Windows Media
date unknown
length 01:00:00 approx
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Unconscious racial bias

title Biased Brains
description Story about recent preliminary research which may indicate unconscious racial biases, as seen in neuroimaging (amygdala activation). "This study actually raised more questions than provides answers." Hardly earthshattering as stereotyping and racism research is extensive, but newer is the fMRI approach. Free registration required to view.
producer John Pavlus for ScienCentral
featuring Matthew Lieberman, UCLA;...
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The Science of Love, part four

Excellent in-depth lecture.

title The Drive To Love: The Biology and Evolution of Romantic Love
description Stony Brook Mind/Brain Lecture Series 10th Annual Lecture. Neuroanthropologist Helen Fisher "distinguishes three primary drives that evolved for reproduction: the sex drive, romantic love, and long-term attachment. She will discuss how these three brain networks interact to shape our mating and reproductive strategies. Then using anthropological data and the results of brain scanning studies of men and women who are happily...
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Semi-living neural artist

title MEART at work
description Demonstrations of the Multi-Electrode Array Art (MEART) hybrot in action. Art is created by cultured neurons interfacing with an electrode array to signal a simulator that controls remote robot arms, drawing on paper. Brief but nifty.
producer Steve Potter, Laboratory for Neuroengineering, Georgia Tech
featuring MEART
format .avi
date unknown
length 00:00:30 and 00:00:27
level intermediate
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Neuroscience of eating

title Preoccupied with food: Novel neural and molecular pathways controlling eating
description Forum lecture on the neurophysiology of eating, obesity, addiction and related topics by Ralph Dileone, , Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine.
producer Yale Psychiatry
featuring Ralph Dileone,
format RealVideo
date 19/05/06
length 00:58:19
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