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Archives for July, 2006

Neuroscience for patients

title Searching for Answers: From Understanding Principles to Optimizing Function
description Five introductory productions, titled Healthy Brain Aging: Doing It Right, Movement Disorders: Surgical Approaches, Spinal Cord Injury: Developing Prosthetic Arms, Improving Language & Literacy, and Autism: Early Detection &...
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1931 Harvey Cushing neurosurgery

The above portrait of Harvey Cushing by John Singer Sargent was reproduced on a 1988 American postage stamp.

title 2KTumor
description "Harvey Cushing's 2000th Verified Brain Tumor Operation filmed on April 15, 1931 The procedure was photographed and edited by Walter W. Boyd, MD, and Richard U. Light, MD, and narrated by Dr. Light. It begins with Gilbert Horrax preparing the...
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