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Youth-Oriented Recovery in Practice

A great animated video from the Youth Council of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, about what it means to put recovery principles to practice for youth.

A clever and nicely-produced video, it points out important things to watch for when providing mental health services to youth.

Much food for thought, indeed.

To learn more about recovery-oriented principles for youth, click...
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Are You An Imposter?

The imposter syndrome might be hindering your mental health and keeping you from believing you deserve your success.

This short video explains the phenomenon in detail, discussing what it is and some science that has studied it.

SciShowPsych is a YouTube series delving into all kinds of psychology and brain science topics. View more of their videos on their...
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A Mom’s Forensic Mental Health Success Story

"Heather: Forensic Mental Health Success Stories" is a short and lovely video telling the story of a woman who was involved in the mental health forensic care system in Canada.
With beautifully rendered drawings illustrating Heather's tale in a storybook titled "Dear Sam," she reads her tale aloud to her son, with the saga unfolding page by page.

Heather begins to have hallucinations and hear voices, and at first...
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Digital Health Tools for Mental Health

"Code Therapy" is an award-winning 15-minute documentary about the benefits of digital health tools like apps, web sites, wearables, and other technology designed to improve mental health.

The acclaimed documentary has been screened at festivals in England, Ireland, India and the United States, and was  awarded Best Documentary at the 2016 Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival.

It's now online and free to view in full (and share) on their...
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