The Key to Happiness (According to This 75-Year Harvard Study)

Although each of us might define happiness differently, it’s something we all desire.

Many of us wait for and depend on the incredible moments in life – getting a promotion at work, falling in love, or going on vacation – to experience happiness. While there will always be highs and lows in life, we all have the potential to experience contentment (nearly) every day.

So what’s the key to happiness?

Harvard researchers explored this fundamental question, studying...


Is He the One? Why the Search Shouldn’t Be Easy

I’d love to meet the person who came up with the concept of the one because, let’s be honest, there can’t be just one person out there who is the perfect match for us. If that were true, then what happens to the people who have been married for 5, 10 or 20 years, and then their spouse dies unexpectedly? Was that their only chance at finding true love? I’d hope not.

That being said, I do...


5 Signs It’s Love, Not Lust

We live in a culture where the best of everything is at our fingertips: food, clothes, technology, you name it. So naturally why wouldn’t we apply this mentality to relationships?

The problem is that spending your time looking for the right one could lead to disappointment. Think about it: How many people do you need to meet before you know you’ve found your perfect match? The truth is it’s impossible to know. You could meet...


3 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

Why curiosity is the key to creativity When I was young, my mom said I was one of those babies who stared at everyone and everything. Constantly observing and taking it all in, I was fascinated by the simple things and was in constant awe of the world around me.

In some ways, I’m still like that. As a psychology major, I’m technically a professional people watcher. At parties, I’m notorious for throwing out random nerdy stats like, “Did...


It’s Okay If You Don’t Have It All Figured Out

Growing up, many of us have this picture of what our lives are going to look like – working in a job we love, making lots of money, having an incredible relationship – whatever it may be. But things don’t always pan out the way we hoped.

We look around and see people who “have it all”, wondering why that amazing job, relationship or more money hasn’t happened for us yet. So often this is the...


Are You Staying In The Wrong Relationship?

When I listen to friends of mine and their relationship dramas, there is by far no greater tragedy than the ones who have been dating the same guy for years, and staying in the wrong relationships.

We all know the reasons they are doing it: The safety, security, fear of loneliness, fear of starting over, and so on.

But here’s the thing: Nothing is 100% safe or secure. And the more important question to ask yourself is:...


5 Ways to Relieve Anxiety (When Meditation Fails)

Graphic illustration by Kristin Vogel

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to go an entire day without worrying. Is that even possible? As a naturally anxious person, I can’t even imagine feeling so carefree that nothing bothered me. And I’m a writer, a profession known for inviting judgment, so you can imagine how the wheels in my head are always spinning. That being said, I’m grateful that my anxiety is manageable and...


How to Avoid the Validation Trap

Why do you get nervous before an interview? When you see someone attractive, why don’t you talk to him/her? Pressure.

Pressure is what prevents us from really enjoying life and doing what’s necessary to get the results we want. We feel pressure because of expectations – expectations we’ve built up in our minds, expectations that we feel we have to live up to. We fear embarrassment, failure, and being judged by others.

The problem is that many of us...