Ease Your Quaran-tension by Connecting to Nature (No Matter Where You Are)

Have you noticed that sense of peace you feel after a long walk? Being outdoors is scientifically proven to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The beauty of nature is that you are effortlessly put in the present moment. Think about how it feels when you walk on the beach. As you look at the ocean, smell the salty air, and listen to the birds, you become deeply connected to your senses. This is what makes you...


Social Media Anxiety? Try this 4-Step Cleanse

At some point, many of us have considered taking a social media break.

Ever experience that wave of anxiety after seeing a photo of your ex pop up on your feed? Do you find yourself compulsively checking your Instagram to see how many likes you’re getting or who’s looked at your story?

After browsing through social media, if you tend to feel stressed, envious or insecure you are not alone.

In this case, it may be time to...


Fear vs. Intuition: How to Tell the Difference

When you have an important decision to make, it’s normal to experience doubt and uncertainty. We hear people say, “trust your intuition,” but the problem is many of us confuse intuition with fear.

When we’re used to being guided by logical thinking and reasoning, we lose touch with our gut feelings. So, how do we recognize the difference between fear and our intuition sending the message that something isn’t right?

Here are the two main things that separate...


Mindfulness and Technology: Why You Need to Disconnect to Reconnect

We all do it. You’re in line at Starbucks or waiting on the subway platform. You grab your phone to kill time, browse through social media and avoid making awkward eye contact with strangers. We use our phones as a distraction, a crutch, an instant relief from having to think.

While there are times when it’s okay to distract yourself with technology, there are times when it can become a problem. Did you know the average...


Brené Brown’s 3-Step Approach to Transcending Failure and ‘Rising Strong’

“We’ve all fallen. And we have the skinned knees and bruised hearts to prove it. But scars are easier to talk about than they are to show – and rarely do we see wounds that are in the process of healing.” – Brené Brown

Throughout our lives, we’ve all experienced failure, disappointment and heartbreak. But when you listen to most people tell a story about overcoming adversity do you notice how they go straight from the...


4 Surprising Health Benefits of Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving, I want to take this opportunity to talk about gratitude. With countless podcasts, books, and Ted talks on the subject, it’s no secret that practicing gratitude is important. But how many of us actually do it?
While it may seem easy for Oprah and Tony Robbins, being grateful isn’t always easy for the rest of us.
As you grow up, you learn that life can go from 100 to...


The Psychology Behind Why We Love Scary Movies

I never have to think twice when someone asks me what my favorite holiday is. Candy galore, carved pumpkins, haunted houses, crazy costumes, and best of all, scary movie marathons.

What’s not to love about Halloween?

It’s the one time of the year I get to indulge in my horror film obsession, which began when I was a little girl secretly watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? after school while my mom thought I was watching...