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Enter To Win The Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award

Want a chance to win some serious scholarship cash and maybe even appear on mtvU? If you're a college student who's kicking tail to bust stigma and educate your campus about mental health, you might just get it.

Michael Corbin (Executive Director at , amazing mental health advocate, and someone I'm proud to say I know) recently told me about the Jed Foundation's current Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award designed to honor one student who is working to make...


Hey Billy Bob: You’re Not As Alone As You’d Like To Think

Last week, Billy Bob Thornton told MTV that he was "kind of an agoraphobic" and spent 56 seconds explaining how he copes with the press, promoting movies, and making sure the party comes to him so he doesn't have to go out.

Very simply put, agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that can bring on some pretty heavy symptoms when the afflicted person is presented with certain public situations in which he feels escape might be difficult or embarrassing, or he...


Lily Allen Finds Help At The 'Nuthouse'

I don't share her cavalier attitude toward drug use and I definitely don't like the careless ways she shares that attitude, but it's kind of difficult to "dislike" Lily Allen for an significant amount of time.

I truly believe the girl just doesn't think before she speaks.

Case in point: In a recent People article, Allen reveals that she spent three weeks in a "nuthouse" after suffering a miscarriage last year that left her "really depressed."

Kudos to Allen for being open and honest about...


Weekend Psychings: No Izzie, But Plenty Of Tara

The most popular post at Celebrity Psychings this week was Optimism And Reality: Lessons From Drew Barrymore, but when I logged in yesterday morning and saw that What’s Going On With Izzie Stevens’s Brain? - a much older post - was quickly on its way to taking the lead, I was not at all surprised.

I mean, did you see Grey's Anatomy Thursday night? Izzie finally realized she was sick, but she also managed to make dead ex-fiance Denny Duquette disappear, which I'm guess has a lot of viewers wondering if Duquette's appearance really were just ghostly and not symptoms of some kind of brain problem after all.

Sorry folks, I don't have any answers. Even Michael Ausiello, who usually knows at least a tiny bit about everything, is going to have to "ask ABC president Steve McPherson and get back to you" regarding anything related to Izzie and Denny and the maybe-but-maybe-not brain illness.

The good news is you can still check out the lasted edition of Weekend Psychings!

On the boob tube, Toni Collette is lovin' her new role as Tara Gregson, a woman with dissociative identity disorder trying to manage her disorder and being a wife and mom in Steven Spielberg's United States of Tara (that's actually a clever little play on words, even if it did take about a week for it to dawn on me). Too bad I don't have showtime. Across the pond, the first ad for the Time to Change campaign aired earlier this week with support from celebs Stephen Fry and Ruby Wax (and in addition to the Daily Times and Sun, you can expect to see Time to Change ads on Facebook soon, too, I read).


PETA Wants NFL To Turn Their Backs On The "Psychopath"

In addition to a petition the organization is urging us all to sign, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently faxed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging him to require fallen NFL star Michael Vick to undergo psychiatric evaluations and brain scans to determine whether or not Vick has antisocial personality disorder and/or irregularly sized brain parts and, based on the results, for Goodell himself to determine whether or not Vick fits the role model persona NFL players...


Joe Pantoliano: "You Cannot Be Anonymous With Mental Illness"

"You cannot be anonymous with mental illness. You really have to talk, loudly, and say 'Hey, I've got it, I'm functioning, my life is better for it.'" - Joe Pantoliano to Brian Williams.

Joe Pantoliano - or Pants - has a new documentary out with the same title as the nonprofit organization he runs with the help of Robert Downey, Jr., Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, fellow Soprano stars Edie Falco and Michael Imperioli, and a whole...


Sounds From The Kitten Casino: Meet The Shrink Who's Rocking Out

The media shines a spotlight on the world of mental health pretty often; however, it's not every day that someone from the world of mental health steps onto the red carpet.

Not every day, but not never. (You like that double negative, don't you?)

Case in point: Dr. Sarah Kennedy - or Dr. Blonde, as the media is affectionately calling her - is a senior psychiatrist with the Borders Mental Health Service.

She's also the front woman for...