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3 Comments to
What’s Going On With Izzie Stevens’s Brain?

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  1. I’m guessing it’s just your run-of-the-mill brain tumor. Could make for an interesting plot turn, or it could just be BO-RING. Who knows. I used to love Grey’s Anatomy, but now I can barely sit through and episode without turning it off in disgust. I used to think it was really well written, but now… Well… Dead boyfriends are reappearing in hallucinations. Nuff said.

    kk 🙂

  2. The only experience I’ve had with aneurysms is that two acquaintances of mine had them but weren’t aware of them until they ruptured. Fortunately they survived, but I can’t recall either having hallucinations beforehand. Guess each case is different. Shonda usually consults with medical experts and researches case studies before adding it as a storyline.

    Using her favorite word, it could be “interesting.”

  3. Oh please – it’s so Ally Mcbeal – Billy’s tumor @@

  4. If it’s an aneurysm, it’s got to be a doozy! Izzie’s not only hallucinating seeing her dead fiance, but having sex – the best sex in her life – with him! Wow! Either way, I hope they don’t drag out this little soap operatic plot twist, because it is a little cheesy.

    And, Rhimes, if you happen to stumble upon this fabulous blog, could I ask you for just one Christmas miracle – an episode where someone DOESN’T die. I swear, Seattle Grace Hospital has got to have the worst mortality rate in the country! I think I’d be safer giving myself an appendectomy with a rusty butter knife! It’s become a morbid game in our house – be the first to pick who kicks the bucket on each episode.

  5. i love this show but i hate this story line. i hope there is a point to all of these denny sightings. i cried when he died and i feel like they are crapping on his memory with this season.. bah!


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