2 thoughts on “Howard Stern’s Daughter is Not What You’d Think

  • December 30, 2015 at 8:02 am

    I enjoyed reading till says that she didn’t receive enough guidance from her parents in pursuing a career. Instead, she had to try to navigate the industry on her own and it didn’t always go well.
    Really???? You can’t choose for yourself? Playing victim? Grow up!

  • December 30, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I don’t really blame Howard’s daughter for being like this. Her father has many narcissistic traits. For example, Howard exploits people with low IQ to act like a freak show for cheap labor without complicated bargaining. Howard has an exaggerated view of himself by his continual boasts about being number #1, the best in radio, a genius etc. Even if they were true, that wouldn’t take away the arrogant tone he has when does it. When other people boast on his show, its usually quickly noted and criticized, but with Howard there’s a different standard. He has a fragile interior and hides it with superficial charm. You can see this from his reaction to jokes made about sensitive topics about his life, such as Beth Stern’s face, Emily’s embarrassing audio and video productions, Beth Stern copying what Deidre Imus did by making a charity to improve her public image, etc etc. Howard also has an abnormal to be surrounded by people that won’t make real criticisms against him, but only to mostly repeat what he says, agree with him, encourage his boasts/views. He can read people quite well and mostly tries to use these observed weaknesses of people to his advantage in conversations. Howard can also manipulate others by using his verbal charisma and superficial charm. All these features and more point to Howard Stern being a narcissist. Since it’s superficial charm, it would not last in his home, which one reason why Emily reacts like this. If you watch Howard throughout the years, you would’ve known that he can’t maintain loving intimate bonds with others. After a decade or two, it fizzles out. Add all this, with his sex drive and comments towards women, it shouldn’t be surprising Howard’s daughters aren’t close to him and actively rebel against his narcissism as any sane person would rebel against a tyrant.


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