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Fans Urge Brendon Urie to Address Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Brendon Urie, singer and frontman of Emo-Pop Rock band Panic At The Disco has been urged to speak up about allegations of sexual misconduct and pedophilia levied by multiple anonymous Twitter Users over the past week.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Twitter User @Kam02709814 relayed the tale of an alleged encounter with Urie at the Coke Zero Music Festival held in South Africa back in 2009. The user Kam02708914 stated in his initial tweets that the account was created to remain anonymous as he relayed his story.

 “He asked if I was into dudes…I was extremely taken aback by this and told him I was a minor…He tried touching my thigh and at that moment, I was so f*cking creeped out, I remember running out of the area feeling physically sick” – Anonymous Accuser 1

In another series of now-deleted tweets, another Twitter User, @Leah62053062, relayed the story of her alleged encounter with Urie which she claims took place after a 2011 Panic! At the Disco concert in Cleveland Ohio.

“He told me he saw me in the crowd (I was in one of the front rows) and thought I looked beautiful. I thanked him and explained that I was only 15… he started to feel on my inner thighs. He then started to kiss on my neck and trying to move his hand to my ass. At this point, I was stunned and I couldn’t move. After he tried touching on my vagina, I snapped back and ran out of there.” – Anonymous Accuser 2

Both @Leah62053062 and @Kam02709814 gave explanations as to why they didn’t come forward with their stories sooner. Kam said that he did not know that he had not been traumatized by the event nor did he realize that he’d been sexually harassed until now. For Leah, she said she was hesitant to come forward because she didn’t believe anyone would believe her, but now she doesn’t care anymore.

The accounts that sparked the controversy have been deleted.  A few days later, an account with the user name @kam027098145 popped up to claim that they were the culprit behind both @Leah62053062 and @Kam02709814 accounts and that the incidents described were entirely fabricated to smear Urie because they were angry at other allegations against him.  Other Twitter users were quick to note that the accounts were created and active prior to the #BrandenUrieSpeakUP trending topic.


The tweets were originally posted in response to the Twitter Hashtag #BrendonUrieSpeakUp which arose due to fans demanding that the band’s manager, Zack Hall, be fired due to repeat allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.  The allegations against hall were substantiated by Breezy Weeks, the wife of Dillon Weeks, the Band’s bassist and backup vocalist.

In a reply to a fan’s allegations against Zack Hall,  Breezy responded by apologizing to the fan and stating that she experienced similar harassment from Hall for decades and had no choice but to tolerate it.



There has been no official word from the band relating to the allegations of sexual misconduct of Zack Hall or Brendon Urie. No additional accusations have been levied against Urie, and the fact that the original accusations against Urie came from anonymous accounts is highly suspicious.

The entire fiasco is an example of the complexities of addressing sexual assault allegations in the era of the #MeToo movement and #CancelCulture.  On the one hand, as a society, we seek for victims of sexual assault and harassment to have a safe space to come forward to discuss their experiences. On the other hand, this leaves people subject to allegations based on stories that are often decades old to be tried in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law.


Fans Urge Brendon Urie to Address Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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