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Jamie Otis Proud of Postpartum Body – Three Days After Birth!

The postpartum period can be tough for women as they adjust to the new normal of having an infant and balancing all of the demands that come with motherhood. Sadly, some become very preoccupied with their appearance and even feel shame about their post-baby body. It doesn’t help that so many celebrities appear on magazine covers mere weeks after giving birth claiming to have a bikini-ready body. It’s just not realistic for most women. 

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of new moms who are embracing and celebrating their figures despite being “imperfect.” Jamie Otis, who once appeared on The Bachelor and later found her husband, Doug Hehner, on Married at First Sight, recently gave birth to her first child. Just three days later, she proudly posted a photo of herself in a tank top and shorts along with a very sweet caption. 
The mother of Henley Grace wrote on Instagram, “I love every bit of my postpartum bod. It’s truly amazing how my body helped create & carry an 8 lb 2 oz baby …. I’m feelin’ like I can conquer the WORLD after pushing her out. Women are SO much stronger than we give ourselves credit for #OOTD #newmomma #hotmama #postpartumbody #feelinghot #loveyourself.”
What a great message! Really, the most important thing in those first weeks and months is ensuring the health and safety of the baby and the new mother. Losing weight, unless medically mandated, is not really high on the list of priorities, especially since physical activity is often limited in those first six weeks after birth (and even longer if it was a c-section) and those who choose to breastfeed really shouldn’t go on a highly restrictive diet.
This isn’t to say that moms shouldn’t try to feel good about themselves or exercise but there really is too much emphasis placed on trying to look like a pregnancy never took place. It’s good to see more and more famous mamas bucking the trend. 
Back in 2014, Jennifer Garner may have said it best when she addressed some rumors during an appearance on Ellen. She told the host, “I get congratulated all the time by people that I know, saying, ‘I hear you’re pregnant!’ You know, this one woman who had babysat for us said, ‘OMG! I can’t wait for baby No. 4!’ and I thought, ‘What is going on?’ So I asked around and apparently I have a baby bump. And I’m here to tell you that I do—I do! Hold up. Hold right up! I am not pregnant, but I have had three kids and there is a bump,” she continued. “From now on ladies, I will have a bump. And it will be my baby bump. And let’s just all settle in and get used to it. It’s not going anywhere. I have a bump. Its name is Violet, Sam, Sera.”
How sweet and beautiful. Most of us moms (I have six children!) can relate. Love your mommy body!
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