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Wendy Williams Blames Mariah Carey’s “Diva Antics” For Split

LOS ANGELES - JUL 29: Mariah Carey at the Hallmark 2015 TCA SumWendy Williams is a controversial figure at the best of times and, despite how many times she insults people on her talk show (or maybe because of it?!), viewers keep tuning in. Most recently, she decided to target Mariah Carey and, really, it’s just another example of people commenting on painful moments in someone else’s life when they probably shouldn’t.

As you probably know, Carey was married to Nick Cannon for a number of years and, after struggling with infertility, welcomed a set of twins, Monroe and Moroccan, five years ago. Sadly, after eight years of marriage, the pair divorced earlier this year.

Not long after they separated, Carey got involved with billionaire businessman, James Packer, and they quickly became engaged. They’ve been seen jetsetting and vacationing around the world but, in recent months, appeared to be struggling. It didn’t come as a huge surprise that they have now called off their plans to get married.

Pouncing on the opportunity, Wendy Williams weighed in on the situation and said: “Mariah, I told you he wouldn’t marry you. I told you your antics would make him sick.”

Wow. That’s what everyone nursing a broken heart wants to hear. “I told you so” or “I knew you’d drive that man away.” Even if Carey has things to work on as a person, it takes two to tango and publicly calling out someone and blaming them for the demise of their relationship is cruel and irresponsible.

Sure, Williams has been married for 20 years to her husband, Kevin Hunter, but some might see the comments directed at Carey as unfair. Williams said: “Because of Mariah’s diva antics, I want to send her a box of cats, because with an attitude like that, no man is going to stick around. They’ll go out with you, but it’s not going to last. No man wants all this all the time. Tone it down. Put on a t-shirt. Get the wings. Eat with your fingers.”

Facing backlash, the talk show host backpedaled a little bit and said: “I don’t think Mariah needs to change who she is, but she needs to find the right person who would put up with that mess. Bad for her love life, but great for our watching.”

Since, you know, someone else’s pain and emotional turmoil should serve as our entertainment? That’s part of what is wrong with this world. Instead of being supportive and positive, too many people are willing (or happy) to just watch and enjoy another person’s demise.

When commenting on whether Mariah Carey should give back her engagement ring, Williams cruelly added: “I don’t think she should keep it in ring form or even in whole form. What she should do is take a hammer and crunch it up at the jeweler store and make a really beautiful pair of cat eye glasses. You know? Bedazzle them. Or how about a dog collar? Or maybe a collar for one of the cats? They’re going to need to look beautiful, because that’s all she’s going to have to keep her warm at night.”

Really, absolutely unnecessary. It’s like Wendy Williams forgets that she’s talking about a human being. That level of nastiness has to be personal and, if it is, Williams needs to work on moving past whatever is making her so bitter.

All the best, to both ladies. May your days be filled with happiness, love, and joy!

Wendy Williams Blames Mariah Carey’s “Diva Antics” For Split

Jeanne Croteau

Jeanne has been a celebrity blogger for eight years and also teaches psychology at the college level. In addition to her passion for mental health, she is an avid reader, hockey fan and mother of four.

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