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Online Bullies Attack Christie Brinkley’s “Not as Pretty” Daughter Sailor

LOS ANGELES - JAN 14: Christie Brinkley at the 50th Sports IlluThis is so sad. We all know who Christie Brinkley is. She was such a big deal back in the 1980s because she was a supermodel who happened to marry legendary singer, Billy Joel, and was featured as the “hot girl” that Chevy Chase almost drove off the road ogling in National Lampoon’s Vacation. It’s been a few decades since then and her own children are learning about life out in the real world.

Her oldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, with her dark doe-like eyes and brown hair does look a lot more like her father and she is stunning yet, for years, she dealt with constant comparisons to her mother. Her younger sister, Sailor, whom Brinkley shares with her second husband, has the same build, hair and eye color as her mother which, in some way, may be even worse.

At just 18, Sailor is dealing with public criticism because online commenters can’t help but compare her to her famous mother. With the teen preparing for her first year of college at Parsons School of Design in New York City, the pair snapped a shot of themselves in matching overalls as they moved her stuff into her dorm.

What should have been a great moment quickly devolved into ugliness as the young woman was mocked for the school she’s chosen to, unfortunately, her looks. After seeing the hate, Sailor took to Instagram to address the situation.

She wrote: “I usually never read the comment section under any stupid article about me.. And when i do i usually never take the comments to heart.. But i am so fed up.  I believe comparison will kill you. Comparison to others is toxic and unhealthy. As long as I am happy healthy and kind to others why should i care if i am not as ‘pretty’ as someone else ? Let alone not as ‘pretty’ as my own blood relatives?”

To those who questioned her educational aspirations, she said: “Pushing down the school i worked my ass off for 4 years to get into, saying its for do-nothing trust fund babies, is not only stereotyping a scholastic community but is just plain incorrect and rude! I know many kids enrolled in Parsons who are the most hard working and passionate students in all of new york.”

She really brought home the point, however, when she reminded readers of her age and how unfair it is to draw a comparison to someone as experienced as polished as Christie Brinkley. In a passionate statement, she said: “Believe it or not I am my own person with my own beliefs and own thoughts and my own face! Eyes smile teeth forehead! All mine! The whole shabang! Yes i am so fortunate that my mother is my mother.. And she will always be an inspiration to me… But being constantly compared to her 50+ years of success at only 18 years old? And being told I could never amount to what she was and what she looks like? Doesn’t feel great.”

Again, she brought perspective to the situation when she said: “I’m just a person figuring out what i want to do and what makes me happy. Leave me alone.”

Isn’t that true for all of us? Aren’t we all just waking up every day hoping to make ourselves feel happy and fulfilled? Shouldn’t we be keeping ourselves busy with that instead of tearing each other down (especially strangers who we know nothing about)?

Good for you, Sailor! All the best in your first semester at Parsons!

Online Bullies Attack Christie Brinkley’s “Not as Pretty” Daughter Sailor

Jeanne Croteau

Jeanne has been a celebrity blogger for eight years and also teaches psychology at the college level. In addition to her passion for mental health, she is an avid reader, hockey fan and mother of four.

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