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Casey Anthony’s “Boring” Life Five Years Later

Missing Child It was a verdict that shocked and rocked the nation. After what felt like a circus of a trial, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges filed against her in connection with the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Hundreds of people protested, legal pundits and talk show hosts expressed their opinions as to why a Florida court freed her from the Orange County jail but, regardless of what anyone said or did, Casey Anthony was (and is) for all intents and purposes, an innocent woman.

We all got used to seeing the pictures of Casey drinking and partying, even during the time when her daughter was missing. We all heard the stories about why she waited so long to report that anything was amiss. We even heard about the fact that Casey was so unsure of who Caylee’s father was that she had her own brother, Lee, tested.

So five years later, what is life like for her now?

Casey recently turned 30 and, apparently, does very little with her days in South Florida. She claims she can’t find a job and she hasn’t done much with the photography business she started. Basically, she survives off of the financial support she receives from some members of her legal team.

In stark contrast to her younger, wilder days, sources claim that “she gets up each day, hangs around, checks the internet, takes some pictures, and doesn’t do much. She can’t hold a real job, and she doesn’t really make a lot of friends, for obvious reasons. When people find out about her history, they usually bail on her. She’s 30, with very few friends her age… She’s got enough money to live, but not enough to really do anything. She sort of lives like an old person, on a fixed income without much going on in her life. She’s bored, and she complains about boredom all the time.”

Speaking of older people, Casey’s parents have suffered through this ordeal also and are struggling financially. They did make about $600,000 for an appearance on Dr. Phil back in 2011 but, somehow, that money is already gone. They, along with their son Lee, have little to nothing to do with Casey so it’s safe to say that, for now, this family is horribly damaged.

No Activism or Advocacy?

There are many people who are falsely accused of committing crimes who are vindicated and go on to do great things with their lives. One option would be for Casey to become an activist, championing for the rights and safety of small children. It’s a shame to let Caylee’s death be in vain and, if truly innocent, one would hope that Casey would want to help other parents avoid making the same mistakes she made.

There is, of course, also the fact that Caylee’s murder is unsolved. Doesn’t Casey want answers or justice for her little girl? It’s no one’s place to judge, of course, we all deal with things in our own way but, if she’s bored, there are things that can be done to occupy her time…

What do you think?

Casey Anthony’s “Boring” Life Five Years Later

Jeanne Croteau

Jeanne has been a celebrity blogger for eight years and also teaches psychology at the college level. In addition to her passion for mental health, she is an avid reader, hockey fan and mother of four.

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