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The (Somewhat) Forgotten Kardashian: Rob’s Hidden Pain

LOS ANGELES - OCT 12:  Rob Kardashian arriving at the "Saints RoIt seems as though we cannot make it through a single day without some news about the Kardashian family. Whether it’s about Kim’s fashion, Bruce Jenner’s transition or extended family member, Kanye West’s, antics, something is always going on. One person who is rarely mentioned, however, is Rob Kardashian, despite the fact that there are plenty of signs that things are not going well in his life.

Recently, US Weekly reported that the family matriarch, Kris Jenner, told the family that she’s learned that Rob is spending a lot of money and never leaves his house. She went so far as to say: “I feel like if I don’t help him do something drastic that he’s going to die.” Rob has also apparently gained 100 pounds and has missed major family events including Christmas and his sister’s wedding.

The 28-year-old seems to want the one thing he can’t have – privacy – so having his family share his with to the public via their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, must have been the worst feeling in the world, even if they did mean well.

As the Washington Post recapped, a recent episode of the series revealed that Rob has been struggling with depression and how fame has negatively impacted his life. His mother is empathetic saying that it “breaks [her] heart to see Rob going through what he’s going through.”

It was also revealed that Rob has been living with his sister Khloe, rarely leaves his bedroom, refuses to respond to correspondence from family members and has abandoned his formerly athletic lifestyle. His sister, Kim, called him “the king of excuses” and another sister, Kourtney, said that “everyone’s been overcompensating for him” since their father died when Rob was 16 years old. However, Kourtney added that she doesn’t “know if it’s because he has it so easy, but then also at the same time with what he’s going through, I don’t want him to feel even more alone.”

This demonstrates the struggle many families face when trying to help a loved one who is struggling with depression. Do they need tough love or unconditional support? Is it possible to provide both? In these situations, it’s recommended that families reach out to a professional for help and this seems to be what the Kardashians are trying to do. Of course, things can only truly improve if everyone works together and is honest about the situation.

This is one area that seems to be an issue for the famous family. Khloe, with whom Rob lives, was not included in a discussion for staging an intervention and she was furious. Rob lived with her while she was married to NBA player, Lamar Odom, who is rumored to be addicted to drugs. He was particularly close with Rob who took the news hard when the couple decided to divorce. As Khloe explained: “Being in that house, it was so dark and it made me do dark things. Only Rob, Lamar and I know what happened in the house and what was going on. And I definitely feel guilty.” That definitely does not sound like a healthy situation for anyone.

With Khloe on board, the Kardashian clan, along with a team of experts, offered Rob help on a recent episode of the show but he refused. In the wake of this disappointment, Kim pushed for Khloe to kick Rob out of the house to force him to hit rock bottom (Khloe refused but does say that she should stop letting him use her housekeeper). Meanwhile, hearing this exchange, Kris began to feel guilty and offered to let her son stay with her for a while. Kim disagreed with the offer and called her mother an enabler.

Of course, from the outside, it’s impossible to really know what happened, what is happening and what will happen but it’s clear that, at least, one Kardashian isn’t coping well with immense fame. It shows, however, that regardless of how much money a person has, they can still struggle with the same mental health issues as anyone else. Hopefully, this rocky start will be the catalyst for change for Rob and any other viewers that may have been able to identify with the situation. It can’t be easy to suffer under the glare of the public eye.

The (Somewhat) Forgotten Kardashian: Rob’s Hidden Pain

Jeanne Croteau

Jeanne has been a celebrity blogger for eight years and also teaches psychology at the college level. In addition to her passion for mental health, she is an avid reader, hockey fan and mother of four.

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