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10 Things I Will Do To Improve My Own Mental Health

shutterstock_97047332I have had a tumultuous year, and because of this I have let my own mental health slide quite a bit while I adjust to new surroundings. Since its World Mental Health Day, I have decided to sit up and take notice of what I have and haven’t been doing, and make some changes. Some big changes and some not so big ones. Mental Health is such an important topic, and I am always discussing it, and yet I am really guilty of neglecting my own.  This changes today.

Here is a list of things that I am going to start doing immediately:

  • Put myself on a sleep schedule – I don’t sleep. And I am always exhausted, and because of that I tend to misinterpret things that are said to me.
  • Make a greater effort to meet people, and make some friends in my new city. Loneliness does not help one’s own mental health issues.
  • I am going to work on not cringing when someone hugs me. I can’t stand to be hugged, or touched. Really the only type of affection I can handle is a soft touch high-five! – This is going to change.
  • Introduce the word “yet” into my every day vernacular. As in “I am not able to do this yet”, instead of giving up – Im going to keep on trying until said task is mastered.
  • Start thinking of myself as a whole person, and not shards of broken glass.
  • Breathe – inhale and exhale, slowly and evenly. I’m going to work on this during moments of anxiety.
  • I will start saying yes to invites and events, instead of backing out at the last minute due to illness or anxiety.
  • Practice better judgement with people – I am slowly learning to trust people, and I would like to explore this more. But cautious practice is needed here.
  • Distance myself from media and social triggers that cause me pain.
  • I will smile more.

It is no longer acceptable for me to be depressed, when there isn’t really a whole lot of reason to be. And so I will commit myself to making these changes.

Like everything else, it is easier to make changes in your life – when there are other people doing the same kind of thing. So if anyone is interested in joining me in a kind of “let’s support each other” group (not a support group) – leave a comment, and list some of the things you would like to work on.  And we can make a promise to ourselves, and each other to stay on track.

What do you say –  are you with me?
I blog for World Mental Health Day

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10 Things I Will Do To Improve My Own Mental Health

Laura Bzowy

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