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Rape Jokes Are Not Funny

There are times when I read something, and I shake my head in disbelief, wondering what prompted that kind of response.

When I read about this Kirstie Alley tweet, I experienced something much greater than disbelief. It made me angry.

If Ms. Alley was violated by the person she is referring to, there are proper channels to go through. Twitter is not one of them. Authorities are to be involved.

But because she chose to call this person out this way on a social media site — we are led to believe that she is joking (or at the very least is trying to get a reaction by shocking her audience). I am here to say, being raped in the ass is not a joke. Its not even remotely funny.

It is a horrible occurrence. What she said, is harmful to the person this tweet was directed to, not to mention disrespectful to survivors of rape (some of who may have been a fan of hers, once upon a time).

I know that comedians push the envelope. That is part of their job, it helps move the conversation along. But I also believe that celebrities have a duty to act a certain way, at least in public. And while you can tweet behind closed doors, it is very much a public space.

We need to have an open, honest, and mature conversation about rape. I don’t believe that Kirstie Alley was trying to start a constructive conversation.  But maybe we can take an insensitive tweet, and create a bigger dialogue around it.

What do you think about this tweet? Does it bother you? Are you willing to stand behind your anger (by not supporting her projects), or does it make you want to talk about the subject?  How did you react to her statement?

Rape Jokes Are Not Funny

Laura Bzowy

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