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Celebrities are Humans Too

Robots are perfect, humans not so much
Robots are perfect, humans not so much

I have been spending the afternoon glancing at celebrity gossip sites, and reading the many comments those kinds of sites bring. And I have to ask, have we forgotten that celebrities are human too?

As members of the human race, we are allowed to make mistakes. Even entitled to make mistakes. This is what helps us grow. Wrong choices bring experience to our lives, and eventually we learn from these mistakes.

So why is it that celebrities are not allowed the same graces? Why do we expect them to be perfect. Sure they have public relations people, and hair and makeup teams, stylists, personal trainers, and therapists on speed dial. But they are not robots. They have problems just like the rest of us. So when they do screw up (and we all do) why is it to be such a big deal?

Here is an example of some of the headlines I have read today – with a side dish of my opinion.

From TMZ.COM  – Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reuniting on an ATV. The comments on this post are judgemental and for the most part, negative and harmful. I understand making fun of celebrities. Really I get it. They lead glamorous lives, have a lot of money, get to do fun projects, and go to the best parties. Why shouldn’t we poke fun just a little bit? Its fun to be snarky. But how many of us have had multiple breakups with the same person? Someone that all of our friends (and family) couldn’t stand. Yet we still wanted to be with them anyway. Here is me raising my hand. I am so guilty of this. But here’s the thing, my relationship with that person was not caught on camera, it was not talked about and dissected by millions of people every day. Clearly there is something good in that relationship that we don’t see, otherwise, why on earth are they still trying to make this work. We will never know the full story. So if they are in fact making a mistake by being together, let them figure it out on their own.

From Joan Rivers is Resting Comfortably at Hospital – (warning this example is not about a mistake that Joan made -but solely about our own reactions). Joan Rivers, beloved queen of snark is fighting for her life, after complications arose from a routine throat surgery. The comments on this article are horrifying. Why are we wishing this woman ill? Is it because we think she is invincible? I can assure you she is not. The woman may have a forked tongue (please know that I mean this with the upmost respect), but she is fighting for her life. We should not be putting out nasty thoughts towards her right now. She is someone’s grandmother. Maybe we should be remembering this. It’s one thing to heckle her when she is on stage performing, but its something else entirely when we are insulting her, as she lays unconscious in a hospital bed. **Update – Joan Rivers is on life support.

My last example is anything Kardashian/West (pick your tabloid-they are everywhere). From what I have read, this is the most hated family on the planet. Besides body image (which I personally think is a great conversation being fronted by Mrs Kardashian-West), I have not heard anything remotely positive stated about them. If I read such personal attacks about myself, I would move into a cave (aka underground lair) and never see daylight again. I don’t follow their day to day activities, I understand there is a reality show – or many shows that revolve around Kim Kardashian, but I don’t know what she has done to deserve all this hatred. Is it merely because she has made a living being a socialite+?  Is being media savvy her mistake? Why are we judging this family so harshly?

Why are we holding these people to a higher standard than ourselves.  Do we all live in glass houses? Why are we throwing stones at them?
I know that this blog is about celebrities, but I choose not to make fun of bad choices, I will question their behaviour, of course – but I will always try to understand why they chose to make those decisions. And sometimes I will get angry at those decisions, because I too am human.


**Photo Source – Flickr Mark Strozier

Celebrities are Humans Too

Laura Bzowy

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