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Every BODY Is Different: Lessons From Amy Poehler

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Peabody Awards | Wikipedia

Oh, Amy Poehler, how I love thee.

I won’t count the ways, but I will share this example: a video from Poehler’s YouTube channel, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

The video is titled “Bodies: Ask Amy” and it begins with Amy reading a letter from one of her fans:

“Dear Amy,

What advice would you give to a young woman with body issues? I’ve never been happy with my body and I feel like it’s preventing me from loving myself.

Love Always,

Mary Kate”

First, let me say Amy looked absolutely concerned as she read the letter

Second, her advice on body image was some of the best I’ve heard:

“When things get dark and you feel really crappy about yourself or your body or how you look, sometimes a good way to help yourself get out of it is to have some gratitude.”

Poehler goes on to explain how important it is to thank our bodies for what they give us — right down to our eyesight and strong teeth.

Wow. How about that? How about being thankful for what we have instead of being distraught over what we don’t (which, let’s face it, are often things that don’t matter — like smaller noses and bigger boobs).

She even takes it a step further and advises the viewer to imagine giving the same kinds of talks she would have her own daughter or sister, reminding her that she would tell these women they are beautiful, just as she should tell herself she is beautiful.

You can watch the entire video over at YouTube, but I’m warning you now, it might cause a few tears.

How about YOU, readers? What kinds of negative self-talk do you experience? How do you overcome it, or even help others overcome their negative body images?

Every BODY Is Different: Lessons From Amy Poehler

Alicia Sparks

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