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3 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

Martin Eckert | CC
Martin Eckert | CC

Is it just me, or has America (and possibly the globe) gone wild for Jennifer Lawrence lately?

I mean, don’t get me wrong: I like her. A lot, even. She’s a great actress and seems to be a pretty down-to-earth person.

However, lately?

We really, really love us some Jennifer Lawrence.

Reasons We Love Jennifer Lawrence

1. Her Fearlessness

Remember when J-Law (yeah, I just said that) had long locks? Sometimes they were blonde, sometimes they were dark, but they were always sort of long and we got used to that, didn’t we?

Then, one day, after deciding her hair was just too damaged from all the Hunger Games dye jobs that she whacked those fried strands right off and we were left with the most unexpected pixie cut of 2013.

And how does she feel about the media attention?

“That’s just sad.”

Ha! Well, we still love your bravery, girl.

2. Her Sense of Humor

Remember the Golden Globes, when Lawrence basically said “I’m tired of this serious sh*t” and photobombed Taylor Swift right in the middle of a red carpet interview?

Some people think Swift is being way too nice about it, but let’s face it: it was hysterical. Terrifying, maybe, but hysterical. Any opportunity to lighten things up a bit is a good thing, in my book.

3. Her Self-Esteem

Don’t like Jennifer Lawrence’s body? Deal with it. The 23-year-old has made no secret her feelings about Hollywood’s stick-thin standards:

“If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f*ck yourself'”

What if we ALL took a page from her healthy body image book?

So tell me, Jennifer Lawrence fans: Why do YOU love her so much?

3 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

Alicia Sparks

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