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3 Lessons My Sister and I (and Dave Matthews Band) Can Teach You

Copyright: Alicia Sparks. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright: Alicia Sparks. All Rights Reserved.

As you read this, I am en route to Charlotte, NC for my second Dave Matthews Band show of 2013.

My sister Megan and I try to hit up two or three shows a year, and our first one was last Friday in Cincinnati.

We were on the road as early as possible and even though she’d worked all night (she’s a nurse), she didn’t pass out and get a few hours sleep like I’d hoped.

She said she was too anxious.

Later that evening, I found out why.

My sister managed to get her hands on pit tickets and kept it a secret the entire time.

Talk about surprised! I had no idea!

I’ll spare you the details of how hard I lost it when the lady scanned our tickets and said, “Okay, two for pit, you can enter that way,” and pointed to a special gate. It wasn’t quite as hard as when I bet Boyd Tinsley, but it was pretty hard.

I mean, we’ve been close, but never in the pit.

The entire experience reminded me of a few things about life.

1. Sometimes, you have to take risks.

We could have taken the safe route–ordered some general admission lawn tickets or best available seats (which is what I thought we’d done), but Megan was determined this was the year we’d be in the pit. She risked losing a sure thing for a chance at the best thing.

Sure, risks don’t always pay off, but this one did.

If you want something badly enough, sometimes you have to turn your back on the safe, comfortable path and take a risk.

2. Appreciate and give thanks for your life.

A few times during the show, I stopped all the singing and dancing and other general merrymaking to just appreciate where I was and be thankful for it. I watched the band entertaining thousands of fans; all the people having a good time beside and behind me; my sister reveling in her payoff.

Pause. Take a breath. Look around. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life–your job, your family and friends, your relationships–and forget to stop and appreciate that hustle and bustle.

Think about everything you have to appreciate right now, and do something today to show your appreciation.

3. Let go and enjoy the experience.

I don’t even know how many pictures I took during that show. Pictures of the band, pictures of my sister and me, pictures of everyone around us…

Still, I was mindful enough to put the d*mn camera down (thanks Big Boi) and enjoy the show.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s great to be excited about and thankful for your life and everything going on in it (see above), but if you spend all your time documenting those things rather than actually experiencing them…well, what’s the point in any of it? Having a few good Facebook pictures?

Experience your life as it is happening.

How about YOU, sweet reader? Do you have any lessons to share from some fun, or even not-so-fun, experience? Let us know in the comments!

3 Lessons My Sister and I (and Dave Matthews Band) Can Teach You

Alicia Sparks

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