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Weekend Listening: The Effects of Bullying With Tamara Hill


Another week down, another week closer to spring!

What? It’s already spring?

Someone should tell all the sleet, snow, and 30-degree temperatures I’ve suffered through over the past week.

Anyway, I have a great Weekend Listening for you guys this weekend. Regardless of your own weather, you’re going to want to carve out a few minutes to check it out.

Earlier this week, Psych Central’s own Tamara Hill of Caregivers, Family, & Friends talked with Yvonne Pierre of The Yvonne Pierre Show during Pierre’s ENUF Series.

The ENUF Series is “part of the ENUF (Ending Negativity to Unify Famies) anti-bullying campaign,” and Hill spoke about the effects of bullying.

Celebrities Support LGBT Project “It Gets Better”

More and more reports of bullying flood our papers, social media streams, and news channels each day. It’s a hard reality, folks. Children and teens are being verbally abused, violently assaulted, and driven to suicide at staggering rates.

It’s happening at school, local hangouts, and even online.

Remember Dax Catalano? He didn’t even know Jake, the cyber bully who repeatedly harassed him on Facebook and who, when the two finally met up, left him fighting for his life with a skull fracture in his left temporal area and a left temporal epidural hematoma.

How NOT to React to Cyber Bullies

If you have a child or teen, listen to this broadcast. Listen to the entire ENUF Series. Learn as much as you can about bullying, both online bullying and bullying at school or other places. Talk to your kids and make sure they understand what bullying is, how bad it hurts everyone, and that it can be stopped.

Take some time today or this weekend to head over to ENUF Series: The Effects of Bullying with Tamara Hill, MS, and learn more about ENUF at

Weekend Listening: The Effects of Bullying With Tamara Hill

Alicia Sparks

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