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Archives for March, 2013

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Weekend Listening: The Effects of Bullying With Tamara Hill

Another week down, another week closer to spring!

What? It's already spring?

Someone should tell all the sleet, snow, and 30-degree temperatures I've suffered through over the past week.

Anyway, I have a great Weekend Listening for you guys this weekend. Regardless of your own weather, you're going to want to carve out a few minutes to check it out.

Earlier this week, Psych Central's own Tamara Hill of Caregivers, Family, &...
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Photoshopped Celebrities: Before and After Pictures

If you're looking for a website that'll help you lose seven hours of your life and fail at whatever productive thing you vowed to do that day, I highly recommend BuzzFeed.

Worst plastic surgery ads in the world? Texts you shouldn't get from your parents?

Teacup pigs pictured with actual teacups?!

I have no idea where some of my life went this weekend.

Like, none.

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Celebs Set to Support Amy Winehouse Foundation Inaugural Gala

Planning on being in New York City tonight and have a few thousand dollars lying around (I'm just guessing on that - don't get excited, it's probably booked up)?

Maybe you'll want to swing by the Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards & Gala.

The Foundation's inaugural gala not only will feature performances from award-winning singers like Jennifer Hudson, but also it will present its own awards.

That's right. Tony Bennett, who's been a huge supporter...
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Finds Solace in Music After Michael Been’s Death

If you're a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fan (and I hope you are), you probably already know the band releases its seventh studio album, Specter at the Feast, today.

(If you're British, you got it yesterday.)

Specter at the Feast comes three years after the band's last album, Beat the Devil's Tattoo, and those three years weren't easy: Just a few months after Tattoo's release, BRMC bassist Robert Levon Been lost his father, former...
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Enter to Win: ‘The Face of Emotion’ Book Giveaway!

Happy Friday, readers!

If you've visited Celebrity Psychings any in the past few days, you've seen that Dr. Eric Finzi's guest post has ran at the top of the blog since Monday.

Finzi, a board-certified dermasurgeon, proposes that in addition to its physical benefits, Botox might also provide mental benefits; specifically, Botox could act as a treatment for depression.

Change your facial expressions, change your mood?

Wild, I know.

He explains it all in his new book, The...
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Face of Emotion: Dr. Eric Finzi On How Botox Affects Feelings, Moods

We're all pretty familiar with the "Did she? Did he? Oh, they definitely did!" of celebrity plastic surgery.

Face lifts, breast implants, nose jobs - for some, they seem like a Hollywood rite of passage.

Look fresher! Younger! Sexier!

However, one board-certified dermasurgeon, Dr. Eric Finzi, proposes a new use for Botox, one of the less-invasive cosmetic procedures that's popular among everyone from housewives to Hollywood starlets.

That new use?

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What, What? What, What? Macklemore and the You Can Play Campaign

Okay, so by now you've probably heard "Thrift Shop," the fifth, final, and arguably most popular hit off rapper Macklemore's debut album The Heist.

"Thrift Shop" debuted back in October 2012 (on my birthday - what what, what what), peaked at Number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and -- how's this for impressive -- is the second independent song in history to achieve the that spot nearly 20 years...
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Things That Make You Go Hmm: Taylor Swift and the Rest of Us Sluts

Okay, okay, okay, before you flip out on me, I'm not the one calling us all sluts.

Well, no one's actually calling us sluts out loud, I don't think, but there have been some mighty interesting articles lately about Taylor Swift and possible gender-based stereotypes in her music.

A few weeks ago, BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderick published "Does Taylor Swift Hate Women?", an article that suggests there's a growing feminine...
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