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They’re Here! The Top 15 Celebrity Psychings Posts of 2012

Happy Monday, beautiful readers!

Can you believe today is the last day of 2012?


Less wild is that I’m doing another “Top Celebrity Psychings Posts” post, ha.

How can you blame me, though? It’s been a big year for Celebrity Psychings, and, come on, it’s not like I can resist. We bloggers love these things.

So, you pretty much know the drill. I’ve listed the most viewed Celebrity Psychings posts of 2012. The only difference is, unlike past top posts, I’m only including posts from 2012 (and not, say, posts written two years ago that are still getting tons of love, like the ever famous stuff about Grey’s Anatomy and Kevin McKidd, which has been making the list for years).

Let’s do this!

1. Rihanna and Oprah Talk Fame, Family, and Chris Brown

…and, if I’m not mistaken, this interview with Oprah caused some controversy.

2. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato Shine On The X Factor

I’m still proud of those two!

3. Oprah Interviews Bobbi Kristina Brown

Hmm, maybe it was a big year for Oprah.

4. Has ‘Mad Men’ Actress Christina Hendricks Created a New F-Bomb?

Not everyone agreed with me, but I still a) agree with interviewer Kate Waterhouse, and b) stand by my original opinion.

5. Jersey Shore’s Vinny Opens Up About Anxiety

This was a pretty big deal. Not only did Vinny leave the Shore house in the middle of a season to gain control of his anxiety, but he also spoke publicly about mental health afterward.

6. Jersey Shore Star Deena Cortese Says Final Season May Have Been Mistake

Deena struggled with her own issues in the final season of Jersey Shore, including depression, isolation, and anxiety.

7. Against Me! Singer Tom Gabel Comes Out as Transgender

According to Rolling Stone, this was a first in the music industry.

8. Daniel Radcliffe Admits to Filming Harry Potter Drunk

Shock of my life.

9. Bruce Springsteen Battled Depression, Suicidal Thoughts

The New Yorker posted a lengthy profile on the blue collar rocker.

10. So, Van Halen AREN’T Ready to Kill Each Other

The comments are better than the post!

11. Keira Knightley On Body Image, Anxiety, and Self-Consciousness

The star opened up to Vogue about seeing herself on the big screen.

12. Dave Matthews Band On the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

A touching tribute to all the souls taken from us that day.

13. Misery Loves Company: 15 Sad Songs to Help You Wallow It Out

I LOVE this list!

14. Celebrities Without Makeup: Take 3

These posts are always a hit.

15. When Bulling Hits Home: The Dax Catalano Story

This post would’ve been at the top of the list if I had any say. In an effort to help spread awareness of bullying, Maureen Catalano chose Celebrity Psychings to tell the story of her son’s life-threatening attack by a bully. If you check out nothing else in this list, read this post and share it.

How about you, readers? What was your favorite Celebrity Psychings topic of 2012?

They’re Here! The Top 15 Celebrity Psychings Posts of 2012

Alicia Sparks

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