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Weekend Reading: Rod Stewart On Missing Woodstock

Rod Stewart released his autobiography last month and, according to Jim Farber with NY Daily News (“Those looking for introspection or melancholy should quickly pass this by in favor of the far more lacerating and vulnerable bio just penned by Pete Townshend”), you might enjoy it if you’re looking for something a little on the lighthearted side.

Rod: The Autobiography (which, for some reason I think is an awesome title) spans everything from personal life trials and triumphs, including his marriages and divorces, as well as professional events like transitioning from working with the Jeff Beck Group to being a solo artist.

Days before the autobiography hit shelves, Rolling Stone published an excerpt that blends both the personal and professional…

…and reminds us that we’re all susceptible to facepalm moments.

Our last American tour was a short jaunt up the East Coast in the summer of 1969 […] with the intention to end the trip at some outdoor event or other in upstate New York in August […] But then the call came through. The gig wouldn’t be happening. Jeff had already flown out on the 5:30 flight that afternoon. Apparently he had got wind from somewhere of a rumor, which turned out to be false, that his missus was having an affair with the gardener, so he was quite keen to go home.

The name of that festival we didn’t play: Woodstock. Ah, well. Seen one outdoor festival, you’ve seen them all.


Can you imagine the disappointment of missing a chance to perform at Woodstock? Sure, the group didn’t know what they were missing out on at the time, but with each passing year the bitter pill of missing that juggernaut music event has to get more and more difficult to swallow.

Well, that’s one way to handle it, at least.

The other way – the much healthier way – is how Stewart’s handled it: Realize it’s not the end of the world, turn it into a funny story, and go on.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Missed out on something amazing because of a poor (or misguided) decision? How have you coped with it?

Weekend Reading: Rod Stewart On Missing Woodstock

Alicia Sparks

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