We celebrated the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards earlier this fall, and in honor of that TresSugar compiled a list of 20+ bits of love and life advice from some of the most well-known names in the biz…

…rather, the characters they play!

Because we’re right in the thick of the Fall 2012 television schedule, I thought starting the week off with a little tongue-in-cheek advice from some of our favorite characters would be fun.

After all, who couldn’t use a few words of wisdom from Modern Family‘s Claire Dunphy, Downton Abbey‘s Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, and Breaking Bad’s Skyler White?

Some of my favorites?

  • “Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.” – Joan Harris, nee Holloway, Mad Men
  • “That’s when you know your family loves you, when they feel free to scream at you.” – Gloria Pritchett, Modern Family
  • “Sheldon, sometimes you forget, I’m a lady. And with that comes an estrogen-fueled need to page through thick glossy magazines that make me hate my body.” – Amy Fowler, The Big Bang Theory
  • “Gabby, those kids of yours are turning into serial killers before our very eyes.” – Karen McCluskey, Desperate Housewives
  • “Don’t feel sorry for me, Mrs. Hughes. I know what real love is, and there are not many who can say that. I’m one of the lucky ones” – Anna Smith, Downton Abbey
  • “Just keep goin’. Sometimes you don’t get to keep everything you started out with.” – Jackie Peyton, Nurse Jackie

Check out the rest and find your favorites over at TresSugar’s Life and Love Advice from Emmy-Nominated Characters.