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Archives for May, 2012


How Did You Honor Your Mental Health During Mental Health Month 2012?

Mental Health Month 2012 is almost over - how did you honor it this year?

You might have joined a blog party or attended local mental health events. Maybe you helped someone in need find mental health care services or used social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to help spread the importance of mental health awareness.

So, more specifically, what did you do this month to honor your mental health?

My answer to that question is...
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Weekend Listening: Bob Dylan To Receive Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Along with Beloved author Toni Morrison, Girl Scouts Founder Juliette Gordon Low, and Lady Vols Coach Pat Summitt, the first female United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and former United States Marine Corps pilot, astronaut, and United States Senator John Glenn, legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan made the list of upcoming Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients.

According to a White House press release, Dylan (who's also won 11 Grammys, a Lifetime Achievement Award,...
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How Would You Look If You Looked Like What You Are?

Whew, that's kind of a mouthful, right?

Celebrity Psychings has featured several pieces related to celebrities without makeup (remember Takes 1, 2, and 3), so when Yahoo! Shine posted another similar piece on pictures of celebrities without retouching, Stars Without Retouching, I wasn't all that interested in passing it along to you.

Still, I read the first slide of the piece - featuring Cate Blanchett on the cover of Intelligent Life magazine...
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Weekend Plans: L.A. Gay And Lesbian Center’s An Evening With Women

If you're going to be in the Los Angeles area tomorrow with an extra $300 to $25,000 in your pocket, you might want to check out An Evening With Women.

Starting at 6 on May 19, 2012, the Beverly Hilton Hotel will host An Evening With Women, an Gay and Lesbian Center event designed to raise funds for the center's services to the LGBT community.

Organized by singer and songwriter Linda Perry...
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Against Me! Singer Tom Gabel Comes Out As Transgender

When a person who has kept her sexuality private or who otherwise has lived his public life as a straight person comes out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, it's a big deal. It's an important time in that person's life, as well as his family's and friends' lives.

Like it or not, it can be an even bigger deal when that person is a celebrity, simply because of the often global audience watching that...
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Weekend Watching: The Connection Between Pro Sports, Mental Illness

In light of the tragic suicide of former NFL linebacker and Hall of Famer Junior Seau, Dr. Teena Shetty and NFL All-Pro and nine-year veteran punter Greg Montgomery, Jr. spoke with Fox News last week about a possible depression epidemic in professional sports.

The two hot topics on the table?

Both the physical and the emotional impacts professional athletes endure.

Dr. Teena Shetty, a neurologist...
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SAMHSA, Department Of Health To Honor Cyndi Lauper At Heroes Of Hope

On May 9, 2012 (that's tomorrow!) in Washington, , the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Department of Health and Human Services will present Heroes of Hope, a tribute in honor of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.

During the 2012 Awareness Day, SAMHSA will honor America's youth who've overcome trauma, as well as the people who've helped them become more resilient and triumph over their traumatic experiences.

Such people...
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Weekend Reading: Have Your Pick From 20 Creative Minds At Work

Looks like I'm in for not just a rainy, but a thunderstorm-y weekend, readers.

One of my favorite things to do when it's dark and stormy out is curl up with a good book.

Unfortunately, the book I have to curl up with isn't all that good, but I'm two-thirds finished with it and, well, I'm committed. I have to turn the last page.

(Plus, leaving a book unfinished is just unnatural to me.)

YOU, however,...
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Entertainment Media Brings The Health Benefits Of Laughter

Happy Mental Health Month, readers!

To honor Mental Health Month, we're doing a weekly challenge over at Your Body, Your Mind throughout the month.

This week's challenge is to incorporate laughter into our daily lives.

The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of laughter are plentiful. Laughter can boost endorphins, help you manage stress, help you get a better night's sleep,

As people who read up on celebrity news or keep up with...
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