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Upcoming MTV Special: “Demi Lovato: Stay Strong”

From sending her well wishes when she left her Jonas Brothers tour and checked into treatment to finding out she's grateful to her fans, watching her thank you video, and learning about how she's found success with accountability, we've kind of kept up with singer and actress Demi Lovato over the past couple of years.

Now, Demi's going beyond just talking about her issues and thanking her fans for support; she's...
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Weekend Reading: Music Therapy Helps Recovering Addicts

Betcha can't guess where I'm headed at this exact


I'm on my way to see The Black Keys!

2012 is going to be pretty good year for me, as far as concerts go, which is A Really Good Thing considering 2011 was just okay (actually, it pretty much sucked except for finally getting to see my three favorite country stars: Randy Travis, Reba, and good ol' Bucky Convington) compared to my 2010 of The Avett...
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