What up guidos and guidettes!

(Can I get away with saying that? No? Hmm. Ah well.)

If you caught last night’s episode of Jersey Shore (or read the title of this post) you probably know what I’m getting ready to talk about.

In a move that shocked and saddened the nation (or, however many people tune in each Thursday night – I only recently became shamelessly obsessed myself) Vinny Guadagnino decided to leave the Jersey Shore for a little while, citing anxiety, depression, and insomnia as the reasons.

I am so proud of him.

We’ve seen a lot – a lot – of mental and emotional issues go down in the Shore house (as well as Miami and Italy): relationship drama and consequent meltdowns; tension, anger, and fighting; extreme highs and extreme (often alcohol-soaked) lows – you get the idea.

Yet, what we haven’t seen a lot of is someone talk openly about actual mental health problems until Vinny publicly disclosed his battles with anxiety and the depression and sleeplessness that accompanies it.

I am maturing, and I’m not afraid to talk about my anxiety.

Again: So proud.

The episode follows Vinny as he talks to the cameras, his roommates, and his boss and Shore Store owner Danny about how returning from Italy, reuniting with his family, and other issues (such as all the “partying” and “loudness” that comes along with the Jersey Shore lifestyle) are wearing him down.

“Going to a loud, crazy club is not that best thing to do when you have anxiety.”

Finally, after everyone tries to help the best they know how, Vinny decides to leave the house to focus on his health. His bromance partner DJ Pauly D helps him pack (I swear I almost teared up a little for those two) and off Vinny goes.

You can catch last night’s episode, “One Man Down,” online at MTV.

Watch Vinny’s One-On-One with MTV video and then head over to Vinny’s Half of Us page to hear him talk more about:

  • How he used to be ashamed and scared to talk about his panic attacks and anxiety with others, and how he overcame those feelings.
  • The importance of removing yourself from a harmful environment, and how he decided the Jersey Shore was his harmful environment.
  • Seeking help from a therapist.
  • Why you should speak up when you’re experiencing problems, and how that can lay a foundation in case the problems manifest and become worse.
  • How to help a friend dealing with anxiety and other issues.

Vinny’s Half of Us page also provides information so you can learn more about stress and anxiety and ways you can help a friend, as well as an anonymous mental health screening tool.

Image Credit: Half of Us